Zarlish by MNR Embroidered Organza Suits Unstitched 3 Piece MNR21Z HENNA (ZWU-21-07) - Luxury Formals Collection

Rs.14,000.00 PKR Rs.12,500.00 PKR

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3 Piece Embroidered Organza Suit

Color : Mustard
Fabric : Organza
Work Details : Embroidered and Embellished

Product Details

A mustard colored organza shirt has zari and resham embroideries inspired from Mughal miniature florals in the shades of feroza and blush pink. It is hand embellished with dabka, gotta, cutdana to bring the shirt to life. The sharara has a generous spray of florals and a composed border. The dupatta is a tircha patti of feroza, blush pink and mustard and embroidered with tilla and resham.

Unstitched Fabric - Items Included :

Embellished front (Organza) 1 PC-0.66 M
Embellished Side Extension (Organza) 2 PCS-0.33 Meter
Embroidered neck Border (Organza) 1 Meter
Embroidered back (Organza) 1 Meter
Embellished Front Hem Border (Organza) 1 Meter
Embroidered back hem border (Organza) 1 Meter
Embellished Sleeves (Organza) 2 PCS-1.32 Meter
Embroidered laser cut dupatta (Organza) 3 Meter
Embroidered Dupatta Border (Organza) 8 Meter
Embroidered Garara (Organza) 8 Meter
Dyed Shirt Lining (Cotton Silk) 2.75 Meter
Dyed Garara Lining (Cotton Silk) 1.25 Meter